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In 1973, Ben Carpenter unveiled a bold vision for a world-class development unlike anything seen before. Now, fifty years later, Las Colinas has not only lived up to Carpenter's vision but has exceeded it, solidifying itself as an international hot spot for business strength and quality of life.
As Las Colinas marks its 50th anniversary, we invite you to join us in celebrating its rich history and culture. Our year-long celebration kicks off in spring 2023 featuring an exciting array of events and programs showcasing the community's achievements and contributions to the region.

Whether you're a longtime resident or a newcomer, there's something for everyone to enjoy. From a canalside festival and digital activations to a mobile exhibit and home tour, we invite you to be a part of this momentous occasion and help us honor the legacy of Ben Carpenter and the visionaries who made Las Colinas the world-class development it is today.

OCTOBER 20-21, 2023

Before the curtain closes on Las Colinas' 50th Anniversary, GLOW takes center stage to illuminate the Mandalay Canal. This two-night celebration brings together the elements of light, water, and sound for a dazzling display of performances. With interactive light installations, water-based performances, and walkways synced to music, expect the unexpected as the immersive experience unfolds throughout the canal. Don't miss this illuminating encore that captures the vibrancy and spirit of Las Colinas.
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3d rendering of people walking around the Las Colinas canal during a GLOW festival.Las Colinas

History Of Las Colinas

1903 City of Irving, TX is founded

1903 City of Irving, TX is founded

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This story from Las Colinas People newspaper shares a brief history of the City of Irving, Texas. This illustrative narrative weaves fascinating details about our community. Story written by Marge Parrish.
John Sr. & Ben Carpenter

1924 Ben Carpenter, the youngest of John & Flossie’s children (John Jr., Carolyn) is born

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Carl Klinke, real estate attorney for the Las Colinas master developer (1972 – 2005), discusses his impressions of Ben Carpenter as a businessman. Mr. Klinke compliments Ben’ssteadfast nature and how it contributed to the creation of Las Colinas and, ultimately, the Carpenter legacy.
John Carpenter Sr.

1928 John & Flossie Carpenter purchase the 200-acre Hackberry Creek Ranch outside Irving

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Watch a brief clip from a Las Colinas marketing video, produced in 1985. The video’s narration, voiced by renown actor Burgess Meredith, describes the Carpenter family’s migration to the area, from Tennessee to Hackberry Creek Ranch near Irving.
1948 The Carpenter family adds to Hackberry Creek Ranch, now totaling 1,500 acres

1948 The Carpenter family adds to Hackberry Creek Ranch, now totaling 1,500 acres

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A former neighbor of Hackberry Creek Ranch, Nell Anne Hunt, shares her admiration for the prestigious ranch property. Ms. Hunt includes a charming anecdote about the Carpenter family cows.
Wingren Dr (3809 Wingren in the center front, 034.033) with Urban Center skyline

1963 Construction begins on University Hills, the first residential village in modern Las Colinas

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Longtime Las Colinas homebuilder, Patrick McCowen, explains selling Las Colinasto prospective residents. This charming recollection brings home the vision shared among all Las Colinas employees.
Las Colinas Country Club in foreground with Urban Center on horizon

1964 Las Colinas Country Club is founded

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Browse through an assortment of Las Colinas Country Club planning and founding material, dated as far back as 1964. These nostalgic pages include details of an extensive planning and research endeavor, founding membership parameters, and Board correspondence.
View from SH 121 near DFW Airport looking southeast to pre-development Las Colinas

1968 Construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport begins

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David Pfaff, a Las Colinas native and current resident, relates the benefits of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to the development’s viability. The airport and its expansions have been concrete positives for Mr. Pfaff’s and others’ businesses in the area.
Lake Carolyn

1972 Dallas County MUD #1, the forerunner of the Dallas County Utility & Reclamation District (DCURD), is created by the Texas Legislature

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Former Las Colinas civil engineer, Danny Optiz, explains DCURD and its original purpose. Mr. Optiz also recounts Ben Carpenter’s insistence on the creation of Dallas County MUD #1 (DCURD predecessor) in order to achieve his goals.
Looking south from SH 114 & Wingren Dr. to Fairway Centre, Las Colinas CC and University Hills (nd)

1972 The John W. Carpenter Freeway (SH 114) opens through the Las Colinas property on land donated by Ben Carpenter

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Engineer Danny Optiz recounts the story behind the John W. Carpenter Freeway. He continues on to illustrate Mr. Ben Carpenter’s fastidious personality to accomplish Las Colinas’ exact details and features.
Las Colinas 10_Carl Klinke Las Colinas Assoc_Moment

1973 The Las Colinas Association is founded as a state-chartered non-profit corporation on August 22nd

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Retired attorney and Las Colinas resident Carl Klinke comments on the process of creating the Las Colinas Association, and the excitement surrounding it. His story reveals the Association’s mandate in executing and maintaining Ben Carpenter’s vision, most notably the architectural standards.
1973 At a gathering of business leaders and media at Southland Center, the Las Colinas Master Plan is officially unveiled on September 14th

1973 At a gathering of business leaders and media at Southland Center, the Las Colinas Master Plan is officially unveiled on September 14th

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Prepared by Ernest J. Kump & Associates, this Las Colinas master plan for development showcases the exhaustive nature of research, detail, and ambition of the original vision. Inside this incredible document are original land survey documents, property sketches, and point-by-point instruction for a new standard in development.
Lake Carolyn construction aerial looking southeast to Texas Stadium (nd)

1973 Construction begins on Lake Carolyn and the Elm Fork levee system

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Engineer Danny Optiz describes the construction of the beloved Lake Carolyn and Las Colinas’ impressive flood control system. Mr. Opitz explains how Ben Carpenter devised a subtle, gentler solution for his network of levees around the Urban Center.
Allstate Building construction looking southeast over Lake Carolyn (nd)

1973 Allstate Insurance buys 22-acre tract for its new regional headquarters, becoming Las Colinas’ first land buyer

What should be here?

Carl Klinke describes the excitement when Allstate’s landmark deal put Las Colinas on the map in the real estate community. The story, however, includes a little twist as Allstate was specifically the first land buyer, but not the first entity to occupy space in Las Colinas.
1981 Pages from LCC.0471

1981 Mandalay Canal construction completed

What should be here?

Jump in time to a 1983 story from the Dallas Morning News. This glowing review highlights Las Colinas’ pristine beauty, comparing it to Disneyland, and magnificent waterways like visitors are wisked away to Venice, Italy. Story written by architecture critic David Dillon.
1982 The Studio at Las Colinas Opens

1982 The Studio at Las Colinas Opens

Marvel at this comprehensive book celebrating 30 years of The Studios at Las Colinas. The rich history of the Studios illustrates the big Hollywood-level names, productions, and business at the Studios. Includes behind-the-scenes photos from soundstages and Hollywood A-Listers, like Meryl Streep and Oliver Stone.
1984 The Mustangs of Williams Square are installed

1984 The Mustangs of Williams Square are installed

Longtime Las Colinas resident Anne Pfaff recounts a charming and heart-warming story highlighting the global influence of The Mustangs at Williams Square. Mrs. Pfaff tells of traveling in Kenya with her husband and coming across a surprising, yet very familiar, book.
1985 Las Colinas wins the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence

1985 Las Colinas wins the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence

This commentary from the Spring 1986 issue of Las Colinas Now magazine describes the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence in detail, highlighting the criteria for the honor and how Las Colinas is a high-standard bearer for Large-Scale Community Development.
1986 John W. Carpenter III replaces Ben as CEO of Southland Financial Corporation

1986 John W. Carpenter III replaces Ben as CEO of Southland Financial Corporation

This story about John Carpenter III in the Dallas Morning News was written in 1990. The article touches on Mr. John Carpenter’s promotion and activities immediately following his appointment as CEO. It goes on to highlight the unfinished work of Las Colinas, including its many development issues at this point.
989 cover photo LCC.0512

1989 TIAA and JMB Realty negotiate deal to acquire equity position in the Las Colinas Corporation and other Carpenter holdings for $250 million

From a New York Times Business Section article, written in 1990, the text describes Las Colinas’ recent turbulence of ownership between the Carpenters and Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association (TIAA). Tense negotiations and side deals between parties and other interests highlight the complex nature of real estate development. The article also showcases the Carpenter family’s savvy nature to keep the Las Colinas vision and dream alive. Authored by N.R. Kleinfield.
1992 TIAA hires Faison-Stone to replace Carpenters as project manager

1992 TIAA hires Faison-Stone to replace Carpenters as project manager

Review several articles in 1992 after Faison-Stone took over as project manager of Las Colinas – including from the Dallas Morning News and Las Colinas People magazine - describing the transition to Faison-Stone and the new company’s plans for Las Colinas while maintaining the Carpenter’s standards and vision.

1997 Ben Carpenter sells remaining 56 acres of Hackberry Creek Ranch to GTE (now Verizon)

Here’s a Irving Morning News story written in 2002, describing the Las Colinas development as a “saga.” First covering the Carpenters’ exit from the development, the article goes on to regale many historic points of Las Colinas vision-turned-reality.
2006 Ben & Betty Carpenter die within two days of each other

2006 Ben & Betty Carpenter die within two days of each other

Review this moving article from the Iriving Journal, dated March 15, 2006. More a eulogy than an obituary, the article on Ben Carpenter highlights the man, his family, and his many contributions to the City of Irving with the fondness and pride of a city’s son.
2007 Ben H. Carpenter Monument dedicated at Founders Park

2007 Ben H. Carpenter Monument dedicated at Founders Park

Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum and Visitors Center Guide and Administrator of the Irving Heritage Society Mary Higbie tells a heartwarming story about the Ben H. Carpenter Monument and its creator, Robert Glen – the same sculptor who created the Mustangs of Las Colinas.

2011 Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas opens

Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau Diana Pfaff colorfully describes the unique nature of the Irving Convention Center. Her words illustrate the intricate planning and detail, down to the logistical efficiency, for the innovative property.

2012 DART Orange Line opens with four stations in Las Colinas

Former Faison-Stone & Cousins Properties executive Charles Cotten discusses the high-profile DART expansion involving a football stadium in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Specifically to Las Colinas, Mr. Cotten explains DART’s impact on the property’s value and logistical enhancement.

2017 Toyota Music Factory opens

Resident David Pfaff walks through all the wonderful development in Las Colinas as a result of the Toyota Music Factory. He describes Las Colinas as a “destination” with plenty of beauty and activity for visitors and residents.
las colinas 50th anniversary irving texas

2023 Las Colinas celebrates 50 years of excellence and growth

Hear from a variety of individuals important to the history of Las Colinas discuss how Ben Carpenter would view the Las Colinas of 2023, and how this 50th celebration will set the stage for the next era in our community’s great history.

Photos Throughout The Years

Step back in time and experience the transformation of Las Colinas, from its humble beginnings as a 7,000-acre cattle pasture to the thriving commercial, residential, and recreational hub it is today. With 10 Fortune 500 companies, 124,000 employees, and 55,000 residents, revisit the development of Las Colinas using our interactive photo slider. Watch as barren plots of land are transformed into bustling commercial properties and remote valleys become stunning landmarks. These vintage and current photos offer a unique glimpse into the progress and growth of Las Colinas over the past 50 years.

Las Colinas Architecture Tour

Friday, September 22nd

The Las Colinas Association hosted the inaugural Las Colinas Architecture tour on Friday, September 22nd. Over a hundred people joined to tour Las Colinas's architectural marvels. Attendees toured The Towers at Williams Square, Williams Square Plaza, Toyota Music Factory, Verizon, Pioneer Natural Resources and 5959 Las Colinas Blvd. (the former ExxonMobil HQ). 
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First Ever Las Colinas Home Tour 

May 20-21, 2023

The Las Colinas Association in partnership with AIA Dallas hosted the first-ever Las Colinas Home Tour on Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st. Attendees toured six homes in three distinguished Las Colinas neighborhoods during the self-guided tour. The featured homes were split evenly, with two in each neighborhood. Ticket proceeds benefited five local Irving nonprofits of the homeowners’ choosing Dallas CASA, Irving Cares, Irving Schools Foundation, Irving Symphony Orchestra and the CD Mitchell Foundation.
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